Frequently Asked Questions

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Tuition is $71,500, less any scholarships applied for early acceptance, and is inclusive of the entire two-year program, with the exception of travel expenses for the Global Study Trip. Here is the full list of what you’ll get for your tuition dollars:

  • Global Study Trip (with the exception of airfare and any required visas)
  • Tuition, fees, textbooks, and materials
  • Lodging, parking, and meals at the first and second year residencies
  • Parking and meals on class days
  • Computer software for selected courses
  • Social Events
  • Cap and Gown and other incidentals

No. Because our admission criteria are primarily based on professional experience and leadership potential, every Oregon Executive MBA student enters the program with an area of expertise. Learning teams of four to six are created to integrate students with experience across management and marketing, finance, accounting, engineering and operations. Each learning team member serves as an additional resource for their fellow teammates, as well as to others in the cohort. This resource, coupled with accessible faculty, ensures diversity of knowledge and experience across the cohort.

Executive MBA programs, like Oregon Executive MBA, are tailored to working professionals and emerging business leaders. Oregon Executive MBA is as academically rigorous as any full-time MBA program, but is differentiated by its cohort structure, its schedule, its robust network, and its application and relevance to your current career.

  • Cohort: Those enrolled in Oregon Executive MBA are seasoned professionals with a wealth of hands-on experience to share in the classroom. You’ll learn with and from your peers as your cohort progresses through the integrated coursework over 20 months.

  • Schedule: Oregon Executive MBA is a signature program with one audience: executives. Our accelerated format offers courses on alternating Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate the your busy professional work and travel schedule; on class days, we take care of meals, parking, and administration so you can focus on learning. With only two business days a month spent in class, the impact to your work week is minimal.

  • Network: Between the University of Oregon’s reputation and reach, the expertise of our faculty members and instructors, and the distinction of our student body, you will tap into an unparalleled network through Oregon Executive MBA.

  • Integration: All Oregon Executive MBA students are working professionals, who bring the current challenges facing their organizations into the classroom. You will be able to apply the theory, research, and best practices you find here in your workplace from day one. The unbeatable ROI begins on the first day of class.

Individuals may pay on a per-term basis or in full before each year’s classes begin. For convenience, those students whose tuition is reimbursed by their company may be allowed to pay after grades are posted. Please ask to see the appropriate payment/invoice schedule for a chart of these options.

Yes. If your company does not offer financial support for tuition, federal student loans can provide up to 100% of your tuition. You can apply for federal funds after you’ve been admitted and enrolled at the University of Oregon. We suggest starting with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website and contacting the University of Oregon’s Financial Aid Office at 800-760-6953 with any questions.

  • An application to Oregon Executive MBA
  • A current résumé
  • $50 application fee
  • Two copies of your transcript from each institution of higher education you’ve attended previously
  • Applicant recommendation forms completed by someone that can speak directly to your skills and performance, like a supervisor, and by one other member of your organization
  • Company sponsorship form
  • TOEFL scores, where applicable

The interview is an important piece of the application process. It generally lasts around 45 minutes and covers such topics as your leadership/management skills, your ability and experience with teams, and what you expect from the program. At the end of the interview, we provide time to answer any final questions that you might have. Once the interview is completed, decisions on admissions are typically made within a week.

As an AACSB-accredited MBA program, Oregon Executive MBA is required to demonstrate assurance of learning. This includes graded papers, exams, work-related projects, presentations, team projects, and class participation.

Every cohort is different, just as every student is an individual. Oregon Executive MBA students share a motivation to build on their professional success through continuous learning. They are driven to broaden their specialized business knowledge. These emerging leaders average 14 years of work experience (8 in management) with an average age of 37. Oregon Executive MBA takes care to build each cohort with a diverse representation of industry sectors and business perspectives that ensures an optimal learning group.

Oregon Executive MBA is a 20 month program (10 months a year for two academic years). The program is structured to limit interruptions to their professional engagements and make sure that class work relates to students’ current career—and their organizations’ needs. As a rule of thumb, we ensure students come away from each class with at least one new tool in their professional tool box to be put to use in their next week of work.

No, the GMAT is not required for your application.
The final step for full admission is completing the self-paced tutorial MBA Math with an 80% passing grade. This on-line program is a helpful refresher course on quantitative skills that are used throughout the MBA curriculum. Students will complete a set of selected sections on Finance, Accounting, Economics, Excel and Statistics prior to the start of the program.
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Classes are held in downtown Portland in our state-of-the-art, Class-A office space at the 200 Market facility. 200 Market boasts LEED-Platinum certification for existing buildings, tiered classroom seating with broadband Internet and wireless capability, a dining facility, meeting spaces, and on-site parking.

Classes are held for 32 weeks of each year for two academic years (September-June). You’ll expect to spend eight hours in class each week, with an additional 15-20 hours in outside preparation, including weekly learning team meetings. Some students report a lower time investment, but this varies with academic experience and professional skill. You may wish to review the calendar to see what an average month looks like.

By scheduling only one full day of class per week, Oregon Executive MBA’s courses are tailored to working professionals and allows for travel and work commitments. Students whose sponsoring organizations allow for a tailored weekly schedule, and whose families are supportive, find they are able to balance work, school, and personal lives very well.

Our program continues to evolve and adapt to student needs based on feedback from alumni and each cohort. Recent enhancements have included a greater emphasis on global learning and access to career management services.

Classes are held once a week, on alternating Fridays and Saturdays (Download a 2013-14 calendar for the Class of 2015). In addition, each academic year begins with a three-day residency at the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business in Eugene, Oregon (all costs, including lodging, are provided). During your first year, a Global Study Trip is required (all costs except international airfare and visa processing fees are covered in tuition). Additional trips will be offered during the two years.

Oregon Executive MBA admits non-U.S. citizens as international students, providing they are proficient in English and carry insurance.

International students must submit a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of at least 500 on the paper exam and 173 on the computer-based exam (unless their undergraduate degree comes from a US institution, or another university where the instruction was provided in English). Prospective students who participate in TOEFL testing or request previous test results may use the code KSQ-5N-94 so that the results will be routed to Oregon Executive MBA. This requirement is occasionally waived. Please contact the Program Office for more information.

Our career consultant, Lorraine Neff, is available by referral. Lorraine has over 20 years of experience in employee development and career consulting in the corporate environment.

Many students are supported in their education by their organizations—from release time for the 16 alternating Fridays you’ll need to be in the class during each academic year, to financial support from your company. We refer to anything within this range of support as “sponsorship.”

We love questions! Please contact us at 503-276-3622, attend an information session, or sign up for our mailing list.