Why an Executive MBA?

The answers to this question are as diverse as our students. In our classrooms, we see established professionals looking to sharpen their skills or tackle problems their organization will face in the coming years. We see mid-career executives positioning themselves to move up the corporate ladder by deepening their already broad knowledge base. And we see high-potential managers, tapped by their organizations as future leaders and given an opportunity to come to the Oregon Executive MBA program to jump-start the process. For all of these, the Oregon Executive MBA offers an intensive and invigorating 20-month program that equips them with cross-disciplinary expertise with which to approach business challenges, threats, and opportunities. As an Executive MBA student, you will also find that you learn from your talented cohort—those peers to your left and right in each course—who will add to the experiential learning gained in our classrooms and carried into practice around the world. You’ll see personal growth and professional success: an unbeatable ROI.

Getting Started:

If you’re eager to explore an expanded perspective and range of opportunities, we hope you’ll accept our invitation to visit our campus. Register for an information session and tour of 200 Market Street.

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